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Fasdeer: who we are

Fasdeer a group of freight forwarding companies that provides optimal transport and logistics solutions at a high professional level, which we have been successfully doing for over 20 years.

We will deliver the cargo to you or your partners, and you will be able to control this process at all stages, tracking delivery on any part of the route.

We offer any:

Equal Accuracy and
Care in Delivery of:

Our professional staff will provide excellent service to both: an individual entrepreneur and a large company. We carefully adhere to our high standards of delivery.

Fasdeer: we provide not only delivery, but also the comfort of cooperation.


How We Cultivated for Your Benefit

  • The first transport company Fasdeer was created, which later grew into a large group united by one aim.

  • We are constantly developing, customers trust us more and more, and the annual volume of transportation by 1997 exceeds 10,000 TEU.

  • The first company of the Fasdeer group in Russia was opened in response to market requirements and customer wishes.

  • We created a separate legal entity in the group of companies to work with shipping containers.

  • Clients' orders were increasing, and we open another legal entity in the Russian Federation, so we stated to act as an agent of foreign economic activity. Carrying out domestic transportation, we took on the functions of a freight forwarder in the ports of the Russian Federation.

Every year we increase our level: more features, more volumes, better service, lower prices for customers.
We have already grown and we continue to grow and improve every day.

No advertising,
just truthful benefits

  • All types of cooperation

    With individual entrepreneurs, small, medium and large businesses, we will deliver everything allowed by law, from 1 kg, the upper limit is not limited, in Europe and anywhere in the world, regardless of the destination.

  • Comprehensive services

    we are ready to organize the door-to-door cargo delivery or assist at any stage of transportation.

  • Your logistics department

    we will perform its any  function or completely replace it. We form and send cargo via LTL / LCL transportation, as well as FTL / FCL on the most favorable terms.

  • Guarantees 

    we guarantee our customers compliance with delivery deadlines and cargo safety: freight forwarder liability insurance for Russian companies – 300 thousand US dollars. Even freight forwarding companies cooperate with us profitably and offer our services to their customers.

  • Own SOC container equipment 

    we can provide various types of shipping containers for use, standard 20'-40' DC/HC, as well as special and non-standard containers.