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Tank TC Containers

Tank TC Containers

Swap body Tank TC Containers

Tank containers (TC) is widely used in the petrochemical, chemical, food, electrical, gas and nuclear industries. TC has excellent performance in terms of safety, reliability and environmental protection.

It is made up of stainless steel covered and insulated with a layer of either polyurethane or aluminium.
Tanks made of stainless steel typically have better usage, i.e., approximately two years of shipping corrosive materials than those made of aluminium.

Various tank containers are depending on the usage. These tanks have various applications which are explained in the table below:

Container Type


Fuel tankFor transporting gases.
Storehouse tankTo ship grains and powders
Reefer tankThis has the capacity to cool the item to be shipped
Food-grade tankIt is a standard tank container which can only ship food items
Swap body tankSwap body tank normally has a bigger cubic limit than standard ISO containers making them ideal for moving extremely lightweight cargoes.
Baffle TanksWarming frameworks including steam, warm water and thermostatically controlled electrical warming or cooling can be included in this tank container.
Lined TanksThey are intended for the transport of both pure or exceptionally destructive items. This sort of tank is lined and have extra security frameworks.
Heated TanksTo ship items that must be kept hot or warm during the transport.

Around 95% of tank containers have 20ft dimensions despite the fact that they come in other sizes, including 10ft, 30ft, 40ft, and 45ft containers. In table below, you can find standard ISO Tank Container Specifications

Please note: The specifications containers vary depending on their particular manufacturer. Should you have special equipment-related requirements for your shipment, we kindly ask you to contact one of our customer service representatives.


Gross Weight

Tare Weight


Steam Heating Coil

Max. Cargo Temp.

Test Pressure

Working Pressure

21,000L 36,000kg 3,650kg 32,350kg 8m² 120°C 6.00 BAR 4.00 BAR 
24,000L 36,000kg 3.900kg 32,100kg 8m² 120°C 6.00 BAR 4.00 BAR 
25,000L 36,000kg 3,730kg 32,270kg 8m² 130°C 6.00 BAR 4.00 BAR 
26,000L 36,000kg 4,060kg 31,940kg 8m² 130°C 6.00 BAR 4.00 BAR 







Tare Weight 4190 kg 9237 lbs 11800 kg 26014 lbs
Available Load 26290 kg 57959 lbs 22200 kg 48942 lbs
External Length 6.058 m 19.87 ft 12.192 m 39.99 ft
External Width 2.438 m 7.97 ft 2.438 m 7.97 ft
External Height 2.59 m 8.49 ft 2.62 m 8.59 ft